Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Buys//02

Jeans, H&M/ Vans, Coach / Neon color eyeshadow palet Gérard Brinard, Etos 

Bonjour! Today I bought these new jeans at h&m and I abselutely love them! It's strech, super sqin with a low waist and they fit perfectly. I defenetly needed a new one because I ripped out of my only blue jeans yesterday. Besides, it was only 20 euros and that's not really expensive for a jeans.

The Vans, wich I bought last friday in Amsterdam, are my favorite shoese now days. Since I bought them I haven't been wearing any other shoes. I think they match with everything!

And last but not least; the neon color palet! I abselutely love love love the colors, they are perfect for the summer! I haven't tried them on yet but they look so fresh and pretty.
Love, Lisanne

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