Thursday, June 16, 2011

Party all night

This picture was taken last saturday the zebra that's me because I look horrible on this picture. It was awsome though! Friday night de girl next to me (left) had to perform in a club that was also awsome! I have pictures but they're on my camera wich I left at her place by accident.

Also my order from hm is in! but because I have no camera I can't take pictures yet, but they will come as soon as possible!

Next week I have test week, wich means that I probably won't be blogging much or I'll have much more time to blog, that depends on what kind of mood i'm in. Next year I'll probably do this grade all over again so what's left for me to do now? We'll see..
Love, Lisanne

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  1. Haha, leuke paaarty foto !Succes met je proefwerkweek!