Friday, August 26, 2011

A day in my favorite town

Hey guys!
I spend this whole week working so I dind't have time to post anything, i'm sorry. But to make it up to you I'll post something today and tomorrow, I promise. well this is todays post actually. Yesterday I went to Amsterdam with a couple of my friends ( you see them in the pictures), well only the girls sre my real friends, haha. That's actually a very funny story. So we were like sitting (picnicking, sleeping ;p) on the dam and listening to music, and suddenly these guys come up to us and start asking about what we like about Amsterdam and stuff. They were really funny and evantually they came sitting with us and we have talked about pretty much everything, it was really fun. They were filming because the guy with the hat, is a famous youtuber  (is that a word?) but anyway they had won a trip to amsterdam from a youtube contest he won (Oh and btw they were english ;p). We also learned them a few dutch words.  We turned out spending almost the entire day together. It was awsome (:
check out his youtube channel HERE.

LoveLoveLove, Lisanne
(tommorows post will be my vacation pictures (:)

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